With the UBS MasterCard Prepaid, you keep track of your spending at all times.

The UBS MasterCard Prepaid, which operates on a credit balance basis, allows you to make purchases conveniently and securely worldwide. You determine your budget in advance, meaning you need not worry about credit arrears. You can simply load up the credit balance on your prepaid card via UBS e-banking, using the UBS Mobile Banking app or a pay-in slip.

Your benefits

  • Pay without cash worldwide
  • Account maintenance on the basis of a credit balance: no danger of taking on too much debt
  • Crediting funds on a regular basis by standing order
  • Available from the age of 14 upwards, no credit check required
  • UBS Cards Online: access your prepaid card data at any time and from anywhere in the world
  • UBS KeyClub: valuable bonus points for purchases made with your card
  • Free 24-hour customer service
  • Latest security technology
  • PayPass function: for quick payment of small amounts

Issuing criteria

Anyone above the age of 14 may apply for a UBS MasterCard Prepaid. Until age 18 parental consent is required. The applicant must also hold a UBS account.