With the UBS MasterCard Prepaid, you keep track of your spending at all times.

The UBS MasterCard Prepaid, which operates on a credit balance basis, allows you to make purchases conveniently and securely worldwide. You determine your budget in advance, meaning you need not worry about credit arrears. You can simply load up the credit balance on your prepaid card via UBS e-banking, using the UBS Mobile Banking app or a pay-in slip.


More than 30 million partners worldwide are happy to accept UBS Prepaid Cards. All new cards come with the latest chip technology and a PIN function that makes the payment process more secure, easier and quicker. Only in rare cases will you still be required to confirm payments with your signature.

Thanks to "3-D Secure", your UBS MasterCard Prepaid Card is also a secure way to pay online. A personal password allows you to authenticate yourself just as clearly as with your signature or PIN, which is why more and more online shops support this internationally recognized security standard.

Please note: Your UBS MasterCard Prepaid can only be used on a credit balance basis, which is checked in real time when you use it in stores and online. This means that the use of the prepaid card may occasionally be restricted, e.g. at toll gates, in taxis or car hire agencies. 

Cash withdrawals

Should you need cash for whatever reason, you can use your PIN code at ATMs to withdraw up to 1,000 francs per day. You can withdraw larger amounts (up to 10,000 francs per withdrawal) at selected bank counters (PDF, 39 KB).

Global ATM locator

You receive a detailed, easy-to-read transaction overview every month by post or online as an e-bill (with PayNet).