International payments Reliably execute international payments with UBS global

Place orders worldwide both in Swiss francs and foreign currencies: with UBS you can make payments securely and conveniently, even without a payment slip. You can order personalized forms for UBS global from your client advisor. 

UBS global at a glance

  • For payments outside Switzerland in Swiss francs or foreign currencies
  • For payment orders in Switzerland without a payment slip
  • The principal can choose who will bear the costs

Charging options with UBS global

With UBS payment orders, you decide yourself who will bear the costs for your order:

  • The principal bears the costs (OUR): As the principal, you bear the costs for the payment order and the third-party flat fee charged by the recipient bank. The full amount indicated is credited to the beneficiary.
  • Costs are borne by the beneficiary (BEN): The beneficiary bears the costs charged by UBS and the third-party fee charged by his/her bank. Costs are deducted from the payment amount.
  • Costs are shared between the principal and the beneficiary (SHA): The principal bears the costs charged by UBS for the payment order and the beneficiary bears the costs charged by his/her bank. 

Good to know

If you wish to use UBS global, please note the following:

  • You need a personal account or current account in Swiss francs or a foreign currency at UBS.
  • Don't make any changes to the preprinted data, as the payment order will be processed electronically.
  • Write legibly (see illustration below).
  • Issue your payment order directly in a UBS branch – either personally at the counter or by dropping off your order in a secure UBS mailbox.

Order UBS global forms

Contact your client advisor if you need a UBS global form. We will be happy to assist if you have questions or need support.

Good to know: UBS Global Payment Order example

UBS Global

UBS e-banking, UBS Mobile Banking and UBS Multimat are cost-effective, convenient alternatives to UBS easy and easy international. You can use them to make payments regardless of the opening hours of our branches.