BESR Quick For invoices with an orange payment slip

BESR stands for "Bank-Einzahlungsschein mit Referenznummer" [bank payment slip with a reference number] (orange payment slip). Payments with a reference number are processed automatically and therefore more quickly. BESR Quick also makes invoicing and sales ledger accounting easier. For payments without a reference number, please use the red payment slip. 

Overview of BESR Quick

  • For creating invoices and debiting accounts receivable in Swiss francs within Switzerland
  • Reliable identification of the remitter thanks to the reference number
  • Automated booking in sales ledger accounting (following an incoming payment the 10-digit invoice number is provided electronically or on paper)
  • Better overview of outstanding items and simplified reminder procedures
  • Free BESR e-list software for support with invoicing and checking incoming payments
  • BESR Quick can also be used without electronic data processing

Unlike the orange payment slip, the red payment slip does not include a reference number. The payer is identified via the account number, clearing number and the details in the message field.



Good to know

All you need to use UBS BESR Quick and red payment slips is a personal account or a current account.


Order payment slips

Please contact your client advisor to order payment slips. We will be happy to assist if you have questions or need support. 


The direct debit system offers a low-cost and convenient alternative to UBS BESR Quick.