Credit card abroad Pay by credit card in local currency abroad

Paying with credit cards when abroad is practical and quick. When you use your credit card in hotels and businesses abroad, they will often offer to convert the amount straight away and debit it in Swiss francs. However, it's often not immediately clear what exchange rate is being applied and what additional fees are payable.

Kreditkarte im Ausland einsetzen

Please note our recommendations for paying with  Mastercard® and Visa Card abroad:

Take a tip from us when you're abroad: opt for the local currency

UBS recommends that you insist on your credit card being debited in the local currency.

Seeing the currency conversion on your credit card statement gives you improved transparency: you can see the original amount, the converted amount along with the conversion rate used including the processing fee, which is shown in percent.

Useful information on using credit cards abroad

UBS Credit Cards come with the latest chip technology and a PIN function. Not only does this make paying more secure, it makes it easier and quicker too. Find out about your UBS Credit Card's PIN function.

When traveling, in the convenience store: read our security guidelines (PDF, 59 KB) to find out how to use your credit card securely when abroad.