Card portals Access any information at any time

UBS card portals allow you to access any information you need on your UBS Credit or Prepaid Cards at any time. They give you an overview of current purchases, monthly statements and other information about your Credit Cards or Prepaid Cards. 

Card portals at a glance

  • Keep an eye on what you spend with your cards and how much you still have left
  • Evaluate your spending using a range of criteria
  • Use "Payment to card" to increase the amount available on your cards
  • Replace defective cards free of charge and apply for additional services such as
    UBS Travel Insurance Plus
  • Store your contact details in case we have to call back about unusual transactions
  • Block your cards immediately in the event of loss

You're the owner of a UBS Credit or Prepaid Card for individuals and you have a UBS account relationship and a UBS e-banking agreement.

Log in to UBS e-banking as usual and select "Cards" in the main menu.

Logging in for the first time:

  • Click "Cards" in the UBS e-banking main menu
  • Read the special conditions for the use of UBS Cards Online carefully
    ...and then click on “accept”. You are then directed automatically to the registration page.
  • Then enter your
    - the 16-digit card number and
    - your date of birth.

A few days after you have registered your card, you will receive an access code by post with some brief instructions. Once access has been granted, you can use the extensive range of services of UBS Cards Online immediately.

You can also use the functions of UBS Mobile Services. Use the UBS Mobile Banking App, receive notifications via SMS/email or send SMS queries.


Our Customer Services staff will be happy to help if you have any questions:

  • Calls from Switzerland: 044-828 34 37
  • Calls from abroad: +41-44-828 34 37