Special Credit Cards The special credit card for every need

We have the right credit card, whatever you need. Whether you travel a lot internationally or only use your credit card occasionally, you have the choice. You can even get a special card with an individual, unique design. And if you want to make a contribution to a good cause, you can get a Optimus Foundation Card.

Your cards and accounts are cheaper in a banking package

With a banking package, you get cards, accounts and extras for an attractive flat fee. You also benefit from our UBS KeyClub bonus program.

Apply for a credit card

Opening your banking package, including a credit card, is a snap with the app. It is not possible to apply for a credit card without a banking package.

You can also apply for a credit card at any of our branches, where we will be pleased to serve you.


Credit cards for individualists – special cards

Special Edition Cards – a unique way to pay

Unique and only available from UBS: With subjects by John Armleder and Richard Phillips from the UBS Art Collection, the Special Edition Credit Card combines the advantages of a credit card with artistic design. 

Special Edition Cards


UBS Optimus Foundation Credit Card

When you use your UBS Optimus Foundation Credit Card you are supporting a good cause: a portion of your card spending is used toward projects aimed at improving the protection, education and health of children.

Charity Cards


Basic Card – the credit card for occasional use

The UBS Basic Card is a convenient way to pay for your daily purchases. During the first year and if you use your card 24 times or more per year, the card is free. 

Basic Card




Foreign currency cards

Visa Card Prepaid EUR – the prepaid card for the euro area

With the Visa Prepaid in EUR on a credit balance basis, you can also keep your expenses under control in the eurozone. You can easily top up your credit balance from a CHF or EUR account.

Visa Card Prepaid EUR – the prepaid card for the euro area

Visa Card Classic EUR – the credit card for the euro area

The perfect means of payment for your euro account: The UBS Visa Card Classic EUR is the ideal card for when you're in the eurozone.

Visa Card Classic EUR


Visa Card Gold Foreign Currency – in EUR and USD

The ideal card for holders of a EUR or USD account and if you frequently travel internationally: With the UBS Visa Card Gold Foreign Currency you receive your statements in EUR or USD.

Visa Card Gold Foreign Currency


World Mastercard® Gold International – in CHF, EUR and USD

If you value discretion, we recommend the World Mastercard Gold International with its neutral design. Your statements will be in Swiss francs, euros or US dollars.

In addition, you can benefit from a spending bonus¹ on your main card in the following year: 

  • half the annual fee if you spend at least CHF 7,500 / EUR 4,000 / USD 5,000
  • no annual fee if you spend at least CHF 15,000 / EUR 8,000 / USD 10,000
Mastercard Gold International


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