Closing your bank account We help you sort out the formalities

In good hands, right from the start: If you decide to leave your current bank, we'll help sort out the formalities. We offer you comprehensive, one-stop banking services. With our banking packages, you also benefit from an attractive all-in fee.

Closing a bank account and changing bank made simple: We'll help you through the process and prepare the correspondence with your current bank and card issuers for you. As they help you to move your account, our client advisors will:

  • Make sure accounts and cards are transferred without a hitch
  • Help with notifying payment originators (e.g., your employer or pension fund)
  • Help with changes to payments (e.g., to your landlord or insurers)
  • Arrange the transfer of your mortgage or securities

Sit back and relax. We'll be happy to help you change bank.

Closing a bank account – things you need to think about

We look forward to welcoming you as a UBS client. To help everything go smoothly when you change bank, we've put together an information sheet with a checklist for you.