Savings account For building up your savings

The savings account is the ideal complement to your personal account. It lets you regularly set aside money, while remaining financially flexible.

Savings account at a glance


Account maintenance


Interest rate
More attractive interest rates than a personal account


In Swiss francs and euro

  • Free customer card
  • Convenient cash withdrawals and payments at Bancomats
  • Also suitable for associations and foundations

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Would you like to increase your chance of earning higher returns? Then the Fund Account is the perfect complement to your savings account. Enjoy higher earnings potential while at the same time always having access to your money.

Building up assets and saving on taxes at the same time: is that possible? We’ll show you how with a pension solution tailored to you.

All this is included in a savings account


Savings account CHF

Savings account EUR


For persons age 20 and older

For all age groups




Interest rates / interest payment limits / Deposit Charge

Current interest rates for the savings account are available here.

Account maintenance fees

Free of charge

Free of charge

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Clarity on your financial situation

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