UBS personal account EUR
Banking in euros

The UBS personal account EUR is for regular payments within Europe or for securities transactions which you want to carry out directly in euros.

Your benefits

Account maintenance

  • Account maintenance is free of charge with total assets of at least CHF 10,000* or with a building financing or a mortgage at UBS or

  • CHF 2* per month with UBS e-banking via Internet if you waive delivery of account statements by mail

  • otherwise CHF 7* per month

Account information

  • Free monthly statement (shipping costs will be charged). By choosing to receive account statements via UBS e-banking or UBS Multimat instead of by mail, you can save on shipping costs

  • Free annual interest calculation with certification. Quarterly if the net debit interest (debit interest less credit interest) is more than CHF 15

Payment services

Payments throughout the world in euros and other currencies

Banking around the clock

Banking around the clock at UBS ATMs (UBS Bancomat, UBS Bancomat Plus, UBS Multimat)

Cashless payments

Cashless payments with the UBS Maestro Card and/or with UBS Credit Cards

* equivalent in EUR