Use your retirement savings to finance your own home.

You can use the pension savings you have built up in Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 to finance an owner-occupied residential property. You can either withdraw or pledge your retirement savings for this purpose. This does not include financing for vacation houses and apartments and second homes.

Your retirement savings – pledging or early withdrawal

There are two ways in which you can use your Pillar 3a retirement savings to buy your own home. You can either withdraw the assets early to make up the shortfall on your mortgage, or you can pledge the assets in return for a larger mortgage.

Early withdrawal of your Pillar 3a assets

The savings accumulated in your Pillar 3a account may be withdrawn early to pay for your primary residence. You are permitted to withdraw funds every five years. You have to pay tax on the Pillar 3a capital withdrawn.

If you’re making an early withdrawal, calculate your capital after tax.

Pledging your Pillar 3a assets instead of using your own funds

Your Pillar 3a assets can be used as collateral to finance a larger mortgage. This enables mortgages for more than 80 percent of the purchase price to be taken out. The advantage to you is that these assets continue to work for you, tax-free. They can either be invested in the UBS Fiscakonto with its attractive interest rate or in the UBS Fiscadepot with interesting UBS Vitainvest securities investments.

UBS Fisca (Pillar 3a)

UBS Fisca (Pillar 3a) allows you to lower your tax bill now while securing your personal retirement savings.

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