Selling or bequeathing your home.

If you plan the sale or change of ownership of your home ahead of time, you can lower your tax bill. It’s never too early to think about living arrangements in your old age, or your will in the event of your death.

You can sell your home privately or commission a real estate agent. Both options have advantages and disadvantages:

Real estate agent Private sale
  • Coordinates every step in the process
  • Has expertise and a network of relationships (knowledge of local market conditions, not least with regard to pricing)
  • Produces professional documentation
  • Conducts viewings with interested parties
  • Conducts contract negotiations neutrally
  • Flexible approach to viewings and asking price
  • No commission payable
  • Is subject to a commission (2% to 3%, minimum fee for smaller properties)
  • A real estate agent must be chosen carefully (performance-related payment or flat fees, reference properties, check credentials and experience)
  • More difficult to set a realistic asking price*  Lack of industry experience and network of contacts
  • Lack of routine in negotiation tactics

* UBS clients can place an ad for the sale of their house at preferential rates in the UBS real estate market.

 * Toll-free number. Exceptions: some telecommunication providers may charge if calls are made from a mobile phone, a telephone booth, or from abroad.