What you as a homeowner should know.

As the owner of your own home, you will incur costs: maintenance, home improvements and structural alterations, if necessary, will have to be factored into your calculations. However, you can also reduce your tax bill with an owner-occupied property.

Mortgage extensions should be planned at an early stage. Your personal or financial situation may have changed, which could have an impact on the ideal financing structure for you.Talk to your UBS advisor.

Do you expect interest rates to rise? The UBS Forward Mortgage allows you to lock in the interest rate for your fixed-rate mortgage up to a year in advance (longer terms available upon request). Please visit  UBS mortgages in the current interest rate environment (PDF, 132 KB) for an overview of the rates on offer at present.

 * Toll-free number. Exceptions: some telecommunication providers may charge if calls are made from a mobile phone, a telephone booth, or from abroad.