A financing strategy that fits your needs perfectly.

In terms of the criteria under consideration, choosing the right financing strategy is similar to finding an investment approach. When investing, you weigh up the expected returns against the risks involved, while with mortgages you compare the interest costs with the risk of rising interest rates. Your UBS advisor will help you to strike the right balance between your personal wishes, the current interest rate environment and your financial situation.

The right financing strategy brings peace of mind

The general rule of thumb for mortgages is: the shorter the term, the lower the interest rate. However, short-term interest rates are subject to greater fluctuations than medium- or long-term rates. The risk with fixed-term mortgages, on the other hand, is that the mortgage renewal could come at a time when interest rates are high. We recommend a mix of products with different terms in order to minimize this risk.

The ideal financing strategy for every goal

Mortgage profile Main products Supporting products
Stable UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage,
medium- to long term
UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage,
UBS Libor Mortgage
Balanced UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, medium-term UBS Libor Mortgage

UBS Libor Mortgage
UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, short-term

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage
medium- to long-term

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