Key information on the building and buying phase.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong when building or buying your own home, it’s important to keep in mind several key points and to clarify questions in advance. Our experienced advisors will be happy to support you at the planning stage so that you can realize your project with confidence.

The process of buying your own home involves several stages that need to be completed before your dream is realized. We have drawn up a list of the most important points you need to bear in mind:

Buying residential property
1. Look for a house or apartment, privately or via a real estate agent
2. Negotiate the purchase price
3. Obtain financing approval from bank
4. Buyer pays any deposit required
5. Certification of the purchase contract (by a notary)
6. Entry in the land register
7. Handover of house or apartment
8. Transfer/conclusion of insurance policies
9. Payment/release of the purchase price
10. Renovation/refurbishment/moving in

Please note: A real estate transfer tax is levied in most cantons when a house is purchased. This is normally paid by the buyer or shared equally by the buyer and seller. In many cases the amount of real estate transfer tax payable is based on the purchase price of the property. Please consult a notary to find out the arrangements that apply in your canton.

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