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UBS has particularly beneficial special offers when it comes to start-up assistance and renewing financing on residential property as well as for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Don’t miss out on these benefits.

When interest rates are normal, the rule is that the longer the term of a mortgage, the higher the interest rate. Benefit from a preferential interest rate for an extra two years with the UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage «Plus two». For example, a 10-year term at an 8-year rate. This way you save twice over: you lock in the current low interest rates for the long term, and do so with preferential conditions.


  • You benefit from a preferential interest rate for an extra two years.
  • You benefit from the current low interest rates for years to come.
  • The fixed rate lets you plan your spending with certainty. You know precisely how much interest you will have to pay over the entire term.

Interest rate saving

Two years, worth of interest savings

Basic product

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage “Plus two” with terms of 10, 8, 6 or 4 years


Free choice


Up to 12 months in advance with a UBS Forward Mortgage, subject to an additional fee


You can find the details on the product information sheet (PDF, 353 KB).

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