Benefit from UBS special offers with your mortgage.

UBS has particularly beneficial special offers when it comes to start-up assistance and renewing financing on residential property as well as for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Don’t miss out on these benefits.


  • Attractive interest bonus on the entire financing package
  • Free choice of mortgage products
  • No processing fee

More cost-effective living with MINERGIE® or GEAK®

UBS supports energy-efficient and sustainable building and renovation. The UBS “eco” Mortgage rewards you with an attractive interest rate bonus on the whole mortgage when your building project complies with Minergie® standards or is certified under GEAK® (category A).

Interest rate saving

Interest rate advantage on the financing for the entire term of the product

Mortgage product Can be freely chosen (UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage 2 – 10 years, UBS Libor Mortgage 3, 6 or 12 months)
Amount Free choice
Requirements The offer cannot be combined with any other special offers. You can find the details on the product information sheet (PDF, 58 KB)


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