Benefit from UBS special offers with your mortgage.

UBS has particularly beneficial special offers when it comes to start-up assistance and renewing financing on residential property as well as for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Don’t miss out on these benefits.


  • Enjoy the more favorable 8-year mortgage rate for a full 10-year term.
  • You benefit from the current low interest rates for years to come.
  • The fixed rate lets you plan your spending with certainty. You know precisely how much interest you will have to pay over the entire term.

Protect your long-term interest rate

The UBS “10 for 8” Fixed-Rate Mortgage lets you enjoy a more favorable 8-year rate for a full 10 years. You also lock in the current low interest rates for years to come.

Interest rate saving A 10-year term at a more favorable 8-year interest rate
Mortgage product UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, 10 years
Amount Free choice
Requirements You can find the details on the product information sheet (PDF, 478 KB).