Mortgage mix The right mix for your home financing

There is no such thing as the “best” mortgage. And the cheapest mortgage doesn’t exist, either. This is because the ideal financing solution is almost always an individual blend of fixed-rate and variable mortgages with a range of maturities. Together, we’ll find the right solution for you.



Interest rate


Building Financing
Turning your
building plans into reality.

Up to 2 years


  • UBS will handle all your payments for you
  • You’ll be kept informed of all the movements and
    the current balance in your account

Fixed-Rate Mortgage
You know the exact
interest rates in advance.

With an additional option:
UBS Forward Mortgage

2 to 10 years

Fixed for the entire

  • No interest rate volatility over the mortgage term
  • Reliable expenditure planning
  • Lower interest rate risk with a combination
    of different maturities
  • The UBS Forward Mortgage enables you to fix the interest rate up to 12 months in advance, longer terms available upon request

Libor Mortgage
Flexible financing 
in line with the market

3 years

Variable: changes
in line with the period for which interest rates are fixed

  • Opportunity to benefit quickly from falling interest rates
  • Option of switching to a UBS multi-year Fixed-Rate Mortgage free of charge once a fixed-rate period has expired
  • Short-term interest rates are generally the most favorable (based on 3, 6 and 12-month CHF Libor)

Mortgage Overdraft

Unlimited; may be canceled
by either party at any time


  • Flexible cash management
  • Freedom to use the limit any way you wish
  • You can draw down and repay funds any time you choose without having to go through your UBS advisor
  • Interest is only charged on the loan amount actually drawn down

Mortgage with insurance cover
One-stop financing and financial protection for dependents

on the
UBS mortgage chosen

Variable or fixed for
the entire term

  • Convenient and secure solution
  • You have the choice: term life insurance cover or insurance against incapacity to work as a result of illness or accident





Special offers*




«first home» Mortgage
Our contribution to your home

on the
UBS ­mortgage chosen

50% Fixed-Rate Mortgage, rest chosen freely

  • In the first three years you enjoy attractive interest rate benefits on the whole mortgage.
  • Free Pay and Save Basic Offering for the first year
  • No processing fee

«eco» Mortgage
More cost-effective living with MINERGIE® or GEAK®

on the
UBS Mortgage chosen

Variable or fixed for
the entire term

  • Attractive interest bonus on the entire financing package
  • Free choice of mortgage products
  • No processing fee

«renovation» Mortgage
Renovate at preferential conditions

3 – 10 years

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage 3 – 10 years

  • 0% interest for the first six months
  • Fixed interest charges help you to plan your expenditure
  • No processing fee

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