Mortgage mix The right mix for your home financing

There is no such thing as the “best” mortgage. And the cheapest mortgage doesn’t exist, either. This is because the ideal financing solution is almost always an individual blend of fixed-rate and variable mortgages with a range of maturities. Together, we’ll find the right solution for you.

UBS Building Financing

  • Various usage types for the financing limits
  • The mortgage can be advanced before, during or upon completion of the construction work

UBS Libor Mortgage

  • Transparent interest rates that are in line with the market
  • In a normal environment, interest rates are lower than those for longer-term loans

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage

  • No interest rate volatility over the term of the mortgage
  • Low interest rate risk with a combination of different maturities

UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility

  • A credit limit at all times for flexible spending
  • Interest is only charged on the credit actually drawn down

The benefits of switching your current mortgage to UBS

  • As a new mortgage client, you benefit from attractive special offers, such as our interest rate bonus
  • You receive special conditions, e.g. for renovating your home, or for energy-efficient, sustainable construction

UBS Mortgage with insurance cover

Accident, sickness or death can cause serious financial difficulties. Our insurance protection gives you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your home.

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Brochure «The ABCs of financing» (e-mail or post)

Brochure «The ABCs of financing»

(e-mail or post)


Brochure on financing your own home

(ca. 16 pages)


Multi-family residence guide

(over 100 pages)


The owner builder’s handbook

(only available in German, ca. 640 pages)


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