Mortgage with insurance cover Enjoy your home carefree

An accident, illness or death can result in serious financial difficulties. This is why it is important to consider a pension provision and protection for your family when buying your own home.

How you benefit

  • Individual pension provision in the event of death or incapacity to work
  • Protection for your spouse or domestic partner and security for your family
  • Ensure the continuation of your business
  • Cover your mortgage, ensuring that the cost of the property remains manageable
  • High degree of flexibility at every stage of life
  • Tax advantages with Pillar 3a
  • Premium waiver if you are unable to work

There are events that you should think about when buying residential property. Financial bottlenecks are unavoidable, for instance, if a partner dies or becomes unable to work. You should consider insurance cover in particular if your main source of income is just one person, or if some of the property is to be financed by making an early withdrawal of occupational pension savings.

Term insurance can be taken out to protect against the financial consequences of death through illness or accident. Any surviving dependents can use the insurance capital paid out to reduce the mortgage debt, helping them to still be able to afford their own home. In the event of disability, a disability pension can be arranged.

Swiss Life Protection is a risk insurance policy for restricted or unrestricted pension provision. It combines protection against the financial consequences of death with insurance against incapacity to work.

We would be happy to show you how to make the appropriate arrangements for different situations in life, and the services and products we can offer.