Financial flexibility with the Mortgage Overdraft Facility

The UBS Mortgage Overdraft Facility is an account with a specified credit limit that can be used flexibly for your home. It makes it easy for you to make purchases or fund home extensions while benefiting from an attractive loan interest rate.

Advantages of the Mortgage Overdraft Facility

  • Flexible use of the credit limit
  • Freedom to use the credit limit any way you wish
  • You can borrow or repay the funds at any time you choose, without having to consult your UBS advisor

The Mortgage Overdraft Facility at a glance

Interest rate Variable interest rate
Term Unlimited (may be canceled by either party at any time)
Amount Own home: CHF 25,000 to CHF 200,000
Investment property: CHF 100,000 to CHF 500,000
Interest rate risk Interest rates may vary
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