Flexible and competitive financing with the UBS Libor Mortgage.

If you like to track short-term interest rate movements, you can benefit from attractive interest rates with the UBS Libor Mortgage. UBS Libor Cap Warrants can provide efficient protection for your UBS Libor mortgage, shielding you from the effects of rising interest rates.


  • You protect your variable-rate loan against rising interest rates.
  • You still benefit from low or falling interest rates.
  • UBS Libor Cap Warrants are tradable at all times.

Interest rate hedging with UBS Libor Cap Warrants

UBS Libor Cap Warrants are an ideal complement to financing based on short-term money market rates (e.g. UBS Libor Mortgage). They allow you to protect yourself against rising interest rates and efficiently hedge your UBS Libor mortgage, for example.

Buying UBS Libor Cap Warrants gives you the security that your mortgage interest rate will not exceed a 3-month CHF Libor interest rate cap for the selected term. That way, you know the maximum amount of interest you will have to pay.

UBS Libor Cap Warrants at a glance
Reference rate 3-month CHF Libor
Interest rate cap free choice from the current offering
Term fixed, various maturities
Current offer and prices UBS Quotes
Nominal value CHF 1,000 or CHF 10,000

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