Interest rates for Oskar Kaufmann.

Fallbeispiel Oskar Kaufmann

Oskar Kaufmann lives in a MINERGIE©-certified apartment he owns in Baar (ZG). The value of the property is CHF 900,000. The property has been financed with a Fixed-Rate Mortgage of CHF 550,000. Since the term of this mortgage is due to end next month, he has decided to optimize his mortgage mix. Oskar Kaufmann has a market-oriented mortgage profile. At a consultation with his UBS client advisor, he assesses a combination of a 3-month UBS Libor Mortgage (CHF 250,000) and a 10-year UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage (CHF 300,000).

Mr. Kaufmann and UBS have enjoyed a good banking relationship which goes back a number of years.
He has, for example, an equity portfolio with UBS, which he uses to invest in both individual stocks and UBS funds. The affordability of 20% and his low loan-to-value ratio of 61% are optimal. 

At an advisory consultation, his UBS client advisor informs him about the special "eco" offer. UBS supports energy-efficient and sustainable building and renovation and rewards buildings that comply with the MINERGIE© standard or have a category A GEAK© certificate with an attractive interest bonus on the whole mortgage.

Mr. Kaufmann decides to take advantage of this special offer. His UBS client advisor provides him with a individualized offer at attractive rates of interest.

Oskar Kaufmann's financing proposal

The interest rate specified above is the weighted average from the interest rate on a Fixed-Rate and Libor Mortgage. This rate changes periodically following the adjustment of Libor Mortgages to suit the latest conditions on the capital markets following expiry of the agreed term. This financing solution gives Oskar Kaufmann the flexibility to respond to interest rate changes and to the latest market developments. At the same time, his risk will remain diversified.

Special conditions apply to the "first home" special offer. Details are available here.