The Bucher family's mortgage mix.

Roman and Sarah Bucher want to buy a single-family home for their young family. 25% of the property's value of CHF 1,000,000 will be financed with equity and 75% will be financed with borrowed capital. At 30%, the affordability of the property is guaranteed. At a consultation with their UBS client advisor, the Buchers create their mortgage profile and their individualized mortgage mix.

The Bucher family's mortgage profile  

The Buchers do not actively follow market and interest rate trends. Stability and planning certainty are the young family's priority. Being able to make precise calculations is important to them.
This means that a stable mortgage profile best suits their needs.

The Bucher family's mortgage mix  

Mr. and Mrs. Bucher want a secure interest rate. After speaking to their UBS client advisor, they decide that, due to the low current rate of interest, they would like a mix consisting of a long-term UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage and a medium-term UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage.

With the mortgage mix they have chosen, the Buchers have secured the favorable current interest rate for a long and a medium term. This guarantees them planning certainty. The Bucher family receives an individualized financing proposal based on this mortgage mix.