Mortgage interest rates and trends

The best possible long-term financing costs for you will depend on several factors:.

• The situation you start out with
• Your ideas about budgets and how much certainty you want
• The current and expected interest rate environment
• How you make use of interest rate opportunities

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The long-term interest rate trend 

Swiss interest rates dominated by other countries

The appreciation of the Swiss franc against the euro and the introduction of a negative interest rate on deposit accounts by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) have pushed the interest rates of Swiss government bonds with terms of up to 10 years into negative territory. As has been the case for some time now, the performance of the domestic economy has had only a limited effect on this development. The dependency on developments in the eurozone in particular will continue going forward; we therefore anticipate that money market rates in Switzerland and in the eurozone will hover around zero or lower until at least 2018. The Swiss bond market will also continue to respond sensitively to international developments and to any future measures implemented by the SNB. We anticipate that interest rates will remain flat for the next six months.

The long-term interest rate trend

Sources: Bloomberg, UBS AG