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The best possible long-term financing costs for you will depend on several factors:.

• The situation you start out with
• Your ideas about budgets and how much certainty you want
• The current and expected interest rate environment
• How you make use of interest rate opportunities

In a personal consultation, we will help you to design your own individual mortgage mix. Based on this, we’ll give you a customized financing proposal with attractive rates of interest.

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Interest rate advantage on the whole financing for the first 3 years

The long-term interest rate trend 

Global economic uncertainties

Economic uncertainties have led to losses on the equity markets in recent weeks, while interest rates appear to have stabilized at a low level. Given these uncertainties, the Fed has decided to postpone the first increase in interest rates for the time being. However if, as we expect, economic indicators stabilize, a hike in the benchmark interest rate could come in December. Should this happen, long yields could rise moderately. Given their very close linkage with rates in the US and particularly the eurozone, Swiss interest rates are likely to follow this trend. Furthermore, the devaluation seen in the Swiss franc against the euro may indicate a decrease in demand for a safe haven in Europe. As a result, interest rates in Switzerland should also rise more strongly.

The long-term interest rate trend

Sources: Bloomberg, UBS AG