Forward Mortgage A mortgage with an interest rate you set in advance

The forward mortgage is a fixed-rate mortgage that allows you to set the interest rate in advance. This mortgage is particularly suitable if you need a mortgage with a fixed start date or end date.

Forward mortgages at a glance



2 – 10 years


Interest rate

Can be set up to 12 months in advance



▪ Repayment by
▪ Interest rate depends on
  the term selected

  • No interest rate fluctuation, as the fixed rate applies for the entire term
  • The interest rate can be fixed up to 12 months in advance (longer advance periods on request)
  • Protection against rising interest rates
  • Renewal of a fixed-rate mortgage with reliable planning
Forward Mortgage

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  • Verification of the purchase price based on location and property details
  • Comparison of the purchase price with reference properties in our database
  • Comprehensive information on the municipality, price levels and tax rate
  • Development of the perfect financing strategy for you

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Expert tip

Combine several mortgages with different terms. The optimum solution is a mixture of Libor and fixed-rate mortgages. This lets you reduce the risk that rising interest rates will have too great an impact on your expenditure planning.

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