Fixed-Rate Mortgage Hedging against rising interest rates with fixed interest

With fixed-rate mortgages, the interest rate will remain the same throughout the entire term. This allows for secure planning and protects you from rising interest rates. It also means you can fix a favorable interest rate for the long term.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage at a glance



2 – 10 years

Interest rate

Interest rate

Unchanged throughout the full term



Amortization can be fixed in your mortgage agreement

  • No interest rate fluctuations due to the fixed interest rate throughout the entire mortgage term
  • Reliable expenditure planning
  • Fix now your interest rate for free up to a year ahead*
  • Protection against rising interest rates

Our advisory service – Your advantages

  • Verification of the purchase price based on location and property details
  • Comparison of the purchase price with reference properties in our database
  • Comprehensive information on the municipality, price levels and tax rate
  • Development of the perfect financing strategy for you

Our experts are there for you – we look forward to meeting you.

Expert tip

Combine several mortgages and take into account varying terms. The best combination is a mix of Libor and fixed-interest mortgages. This enables you to reduce the risk of rising interest rates affecting your expenditure planning.

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