Plan your budget with a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

With a Fixed-Rate Mortgage, you can plan your interest payments in advance, as the interest rate will remain unchanged throughout the entire term of the mortgage. This offers you protection against rising interest rates during the mortgage term, and allows you to budget more effectively. The combination of multiple Fixed-Rate Mortgages with varying terms reduces your interest rate risk.

Advantages of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

  • Protection against rising interest rates thanks to the fixed interest rate throughout the entire mortgage term
  • Reduction in your interest rate risk through multiple Fixed-Rate Mortgages with varying terms
  • Reliable expenditure planning

Fixed-Rate Mortgages at a glance

Interest rate Fixed mortgage interest throughout the entire term
Term 2 - 10 years
Interest rate risk Only at maturity
Conclusion Up to 30 days in advance free of charge (longer periods possible with a Forward Mortgage)

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