Realize your plan with UBS Building Financing.

UBS Building Financing enables you to to realize your construction project swiftly and with minimum stress. Whether you’re planning to build a new home, or to convert or renovate an existing property, we'll tailor our offering to your needs and your financial circumstances.

How you benefit

  • You benefit from preferential conditions for credit balances in your construction account.
  • With a UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, you are guaranteed stable interest rates over the long term.
  • We process all payments to architects, construction companies and tradesmen for you.
  • With a construction account, you always have an overview of your account balance.
  • While your property is under construction, no amortization payments are due. Repayment of your mortgage won’t start until after the planned completion of construction.

Usage types

You can have your available financing paid out as a mortgage before, during or on completion of the construction work. Payments will be credited to your building account, where they will benefit from attractive rates of interest. Within your financing limits, you can choose between the following two options:

You can finance your construction project with a building loan in the form of a current account. To do so, we'll make you a variable-rate loan within your building account. Once the building work has been completed, your outstanding loan in the building account will be paid off by the mortgage advance. Then you pay back the mortgage.

And if you’re planning to remodel your home, we can offer you the "renovation" mortgage, with the right financing solution at attractive conditions.

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