Building Financing Build your own home with Building financing

With UBS Building Financing, you can finance the construction of a new home, or the conversion or renovation of an existing property. A construction account is set up, which is used to pay your construction project invoices as and when you receive them. 

Building Financing as a building loan or as a mortgage?

Within your financing limits, you can choose between the following two options:

With a building loan, you can finance your construction project in the form of a current account. We’ll grant you a variable-rate loan. As soon as the building work has been completed, your outstanding loan will be paid off by being converted into a mortgage.

If you‘d like a mortgage to finance the building work, you can choose between a full mortgage paid out at the start of construction, or staggered disbursements over the course of the building period. This allows you to hedge against rising interest rates even during the construction phase by taking out a Fixed-Rate Mortgage.

Advantages of Building Financing

  • Preferential conditions for credit balances on your construction account
  • Option of taking out a Fixed-Rate Mortgage in the construction phase as a hedge against rising interest rates
  • Overview of the construction project payments you have made
  • No amortization payments during the construction phase
  • UBS processes all payments to architects, construction companies and tradesmen for you

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