Savings target ownership Step by step to your dream home

Your own home - find out how you can turn this dream into reality. Together we will establish where you currently stand and set out a path which, step by step, will lead you to the property you are looking for.

Get an overview of how you can set out a plan for financing the purchase of your home:

  1. Understand the significance of equity: How much equity do you have to put down?
  2. Define your savings target: How big is your financing shortfall?
  3. Reach your savings target: Which savings plan will help you realize your dream of home?

1. Understand the significance of equity

If you want to build or buy residential property, you need equity. Usually, this equity is topped up with a mortgage. In order to secure a mortgage, you need to put down equity equating to at least 20% of the property's value. This equity is usually made up of a combination of funds from your savings and from your company and private pension schemes (pillars 2 and 3).

Breakdown of the components which comprise residential property financing

Breakdown of the components which comprise residential property financing

2. Define your savings target 

If you do not yet have the necessary equity to buy your future home, we can help you to set up an individualized savings plan. Ask yourself the following questions to find out how much more you need in order to fulfill your dream:

  • Which investments do you think will be necessary for your new home?
  • How much equity do you need (20%)?
  • Which savings do you have at your disposal?
  • How large is your financing shortfall and how can you eliminate it?

With our budget planner, you can find out how much you can feasibly save every month.

Example of the structure of expenditure

Example of the structure of expenditure

3. Achieve your savings goal

We’ll support you on your way to your savings goal. UBS offers a range of solutions to help make saving easier. For example, you can complement the benefits of your AHV and pension fund with the UBS Fisca Account. With this approach, you’ll be perfectly prepared for your future.

We’ll happily discuss other products and potential tax advantages with you in a consultation.

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