Sale and bequest Find out about the relevant aspects

Are you considering selling your home? Do you want to bequeath your house or apartment? Advance planning can pay off. We can help you, by providing information on topics including: what to do about the mortgage, taxes and fees, and bridging loans.

Find out in good time which issues could be relevant to you when selling or bequeathing a property:

  1. Selling your home: Which costs and taxes will you be required to pay?
  2. Planning the bequest of your property: What do you need to consider?
  3. Transferring or terminating your mortgage: Which options are open to you?

1. Selling your home

Does your home no longer meet your needs in terms of its size and features? Start preparing for the sale or exchange of your residential property well in advance. We will help you to navigate through all of the important tasks which lie ahead. 

Estimate the value of your home

Before you sell your home, the value of the property will need to be assessed. The key factors on which the valuation is based are the year of construction, the condition of the property, and the area of the land plot, as well as the quality of the location and the surrounding infrastructure.

Advertise the property

Want to sell your house or apartment? Advertise on UBS's partner portal ImmoScout24.

Bridging loans

Have you found your dream property but have yet to sell your current home? Speak to us to find out about the advantages offered by a bridging loan.

Tax considerations

Certain taxes are levied when a property is subject to a change in ownership. If you generate a profit on the sale of your home, you are subject to real estate gains tax. This levy can usually be deferred if you buy a new residential property. The deadline for purchasing a new property is set by the individual cantons.

2. Planning the bequest of your property

Do you want to bequeath your house or apartment to your children? Together we can plan all of the important steps in good time and provide you with advice on key topics including:

Get your heirs involved at an early stage and have them play an active role in the planning process: arrange a personal consultation where we will go through the financing rules which will apply to your heirs and calculate the affordability of the property for the future owners.



3. Transferring or terminating your mortgage

When you sell or bequeath your residential property, your mortgage can be transferred or terminated depending on the circumstances. Together we can assess the following options:

  • Transfer of the mortgage to a new buyer
  • Transfer of the mortgage to a new property
  • Premature termination of the mortgage (will incur costs)

Do you have any questions regarding the value of your home, the potential opportunities of bridging loans when moving house, or questions relating to topics which are of relevance when bequeathing or giving away your property as a gift? Our experience is there to help you.

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