Mortgage mix Find the right financing mix for you

Mortgage mix

Financing the purchase of your own house or apartment constitutes a substantial long-term investment. If you want to be able to enjoy your own home with peace of mind in the future, too, then finding the right mix of short- and long-term mortgages is essential. Your personal mortgage profile and our financial expertise provide the basis for doing just that.

Find out how we can establish the right mortgage mix for you in an advisory consultation:

1. Define mortgage profile

We meet with you to analyze your financial circumstances, your risk tolerance and your interest in the financial markets. We use the results as the basis for defining your mortgage profile.

The three mortgage profiles:

Profile / Criteria

Risk tolerance

Financial flexibility



I want to know what I'm paying.

I work to a tight budget.

I take a passive interest in interest rate trends.


I can accept moderate interest rate volatility.

I can afford a certain amount of interest rate fluctuation.

I take a passive interest in interest rate trends.


I can also accept higher interest rate volatility in the short term.

I have enough of a cushion to cope with interest rate fluctuations.

I take an active interest in interest rate trends.

2. Consider current level of interest and interest rate trends

The experts at UBS conduct intricate analyses of the market. This allows us to assess current interest rates and interest rate trends. Because buying your own home involves planning for the long term, the expertise we possess at UBS is of great benefit to you.

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3. Establish mortgage mix

In the next step, we establish your mortgage mix. This is based on your mortgage profile, the current level of interest and anticipated interest rate trends.

The result is usually a combination of mortgages with varying maturities and interest rates that best suit you and your objectives.

The following examples demonstrate how we go about structuring your mortgage mix and how our expertise supports you in making your decision.

4. Receive financing proposal  

Come to us to finance your property. Whether you need initial financing, follow-up financing, or want to switch your mortgage to UBS from another bank – you’ll get an individually tailored financing solution from us with attractive interest rates. 

Financing is about more than a short-term low interest rate. What’s important is a solid, long-term solution that’s also affordable in future. That's why we attach great importance to detailed planning and to finding the right balance between what you’re looking for, your financial circumstances, and the current interest rate environment. We’ll be happy to discuss how this might look for you in a non-binding advisory consultation.  

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