Registration Register now and take part in the bonus program

You can only benefit from the wide range of offers if you're a UBS KeyClub member. Register today to make sure you don't miss out on any points. All UBS clients with a named account or a UBS Credit Card can take part in the bonus program. Unfortunately, we can't enroll numbered accounts, legal entities, societies, associations or company cards in the program.


Here's how to register for UBS KeyClub:

  1. Complete the "UBS KeyClub registration (PDF, 57 KB)" form.
  2. Provide us with all your UBS client numbers (account details) to ensure that you can use them all to collect points.
  3. Print out and sign the form and send it to:
    UBS AG
    4002 Basel

Our 300 branches are also happy to accept registrations.

UBS KeyClub for young people and students

Young people and students who opt for a UBS Generation or UBS Campus offering automatically become KeyClub members and benefit from special conditions. The same applies to young people just starting out on their careers who embark on this new phase in life with the UBS Young Professional offering.