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The list of our KeyClub partners is a long one, as the idea is that all members should be able to find something on which they will enjoy using up their KeyClub points – on a 1:1 basis.

KeyClub partners

Do you enjoy the opera or do you prefer the movie theater? Are you interested in fashion or fine wines? Do you like traveling or reading? If so, read on...

The UBS Optimus Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation established by UBS. The Foundation is dedicated to the overall wellbeing of children. As a UBS KeyClub member, you can use your points to contribute to global aid projects in the areas of education, child protection and healthcare.

The projects contribute to a world in which all children and adolescents have access to education and may grow up in an environment free from violence and sexual abuse. At the same time the foundation supports targeted research to promote the health of disadvantaged populations worldwide.

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Pay the annual fee for your credit card using KeyClub points.

You can use any number of bonus points to obtain an interest bonus.

Pay for your Pay and Save Basic Offering for one year using KeyClub points.

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