Why invest? Let your money work for you

In a savings account, your money's only resting. If you invest your savings on the financial markets, you have the opportunity to benefit when companies perform well. Over the long term, you benefit from higher potential returns than you get from a savings account, allowing you to use your money to build up your assets over the years.

Good reasons for investing your money

  • You do well when companies perform well.
  • You benefit from higher potential returns than you get from a savings account.
  • You build up capital for your personal savings targets.
  • You protect your assets against the possibility of negative interest rates.  

Investment calculator

Turning a long-held dream into reality, financing the education of your children or maintaining your accustomed standard of living following retirement – it also costs money. Investing your money allows you to build up your assets in a targeted manner. Using the investment calculator, you can calculate which regular savings amount will allow you to achieve your target by when.

The three pillars of your investment success

If you want to invest successfully, three factors are important: Analysis, Strategy and Discipline. You can also rely on our know-how. In an investment advisory consultation, we'll analyze your personal financial situation, define an investment strategy together with you and help you to implement it in a disciplined way.

Investment advice


What opportunities are currently available on the markets and what risks need to be taken into account? Our investment experts will perform a comprehensive analysis for you.



How can your financial targets be brought into line with your needs and your risk appetite? We develop the right strategy for your portfolio.



Do you pursue your investment strategy and investment priorities systematically? We support you in implementing your strategy and, where necessary, propose adjustments.

Financial Personality Test

Financial Personality Test

To find the right strategy, it is important that you know your own risk appetite. Take the test now.

Our guide on the topic of investing 

The ABCs of investing

The experience and knowledge of our investment experts in a concise form – our practical guide provides you with more information on the golden rules of investing. We also present to you the various types of investment funds and give you tips on structuring your portfolio.