Sustainable Investing Sustainable, responsible investing

Sustainable investing takes ecological, social and business ethics into account.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing at a glance:



Positive impact on environment and society



One of the fastest growing areas of finance



Similar returns to conventional investments

By investing sustainably, you can make a positive impact on the environment and society while achieving similar returns to traditional investments.

We are proud to be the first asset manager to proactively sell World Bank bonds, which go toward funding social and economic development in disadvantaged markets.

The World Bank’s goals are to end poverty and promote shared prosperity. It achieves these objectives by supporting programs such as the construction of 20,000 new learning centers in Bangladesh, which has given 690,000 children from remote, rural regions access to education. The bonds are rated AAA and are backed by numerous governments.

By engaging in sustainable investing, you are also supporting the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, which are to be achieved by all UN member states by 2030. These goals include good healthcare provision, increasing the share of renewable energy and climate action.

There are three different approaches that you can choose in line with your values and wishes:

Exclusion method

Remove investments from your portfolio that do not align with your values, for example investments in the armaments or tobacco industry.

Invest based on ecological, social and governance (ESG) criteria

Invest in companies whose business model is based on protecting the environment, defending human rights or fighting corruption, for example.

Impact investing

Impact investing lets you make a quantifiable impact. For example, an impact investor can invest in bonds to fund specific social developments (such as research into diabetes treatment).

We set up your UBS Manage™ Advance (Sustainable Investing) Portfolio based on your risk profile:

  • Selecting the right investments: We select sustainable investments that we expect to generate similar returns to traditional investments. 
  • Reducing risk: We diversify the portfolio based on assets, region and sector. 
  • Choosing successful fund managers: Candidates complete an in-depth survey about their investment decisions.
  • Selecting individual equities: Over 140 data analysts assess equities from across the world so you can find ones that are right for you.  

Our UBS Manage™ Advanced (Sustainable Investing) portfolio makes it easier to get started. We use a tried-and-trusted approach to manage this portfolio, taking all relevant sustainability factors into consideration in our choice of investments.

100% sustainable specimen portfolio

ESG-based equity

Shares in companies selling products and services that aim to solve a concrete ecological or social problem

ESG-improving equity

Shares in companies that have succeeded in overcoming a number of key ESG challenges and opportunities.

ESG-leader equity

Shares in companies that tackle ESG issues and realize associated opportunities better than their competitors.

Green bonds

Bonds used to finance environmental projects.

ESG-leader bonds

Bonds in companies that engage in ESG issues and realize associated opportunities better than their competitors.

ESG-engagement equity

Fund managers enter into active share ownership to encourage managers to improve the company’s performance in the area of ESG.

World Bank bonds

Bonds issued by the World Bank, a multi-lateral development bank.

UBS is a strong partner who supports you and shares your values: the international research agency MSCI recently increased its ESG rating for UBS from A to AA, thus confirming our leading role in embedding sustainability goals in the finance sector.

We work with experts and organizations from across the world to promote sustainable projects. You can constantly rely on a team of specialists to help you do more – both for your finances and the world.

Swiss investors want to make a difference, but only a few invest in sustainable investments. Ambiguous terms and the unknown impact of sustainable investments act as a deterrent for many.

How do Swiss investors invest their money today?

Still not convinced? We answer your most common questions below.

Muss ich auf die Rendite verzichten?

Do I have to sacrifice returns?

No. Different studies show that you can expect a similar earnings potential from sustainable investments as with traditional portfolios.

Can I measure my impact?

Yes. With impact investing, you invest in assets with a measurable positive impact on the environment or society such as health research.

Brauche ich Expertenwissen?

Is expert knowledge required?

No. The easiest way to align your values with your portfolio is to invest in sustainable investment funds and companies.

How sustainable is your portfolio?

Many investors don’t even realize that they already hold sustainable investments. Your UBS client advisor will be happy to tell you whether this is the case for you and how you can invest more sustainably.

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What else can I do?

Philanthropy with an impact

Philanthropie mit Wirkung

Through the UBS Optimus Foundation, you can help give children in need a better life. Our philanthropy experts will be happy to show you the most effective ways to invest your wealth.

Achieving our goals together

Mit vereinten Kräften ans Ziel

Together for sustainability, with 17 bands representing 17 goals. With #TOGETHERBAND, we’re supporting the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development. Get involved and play your part in the initiative.