Suisse funds The foundation for all investors looking to invest in Swiss assets

UBS Suisse Funds invest primarily in Swiss equities, bonds and real estate. They also invest in foreign equities or bonds in sectors which have either zero or a below-average presence in Switzerland. Each fund offers a different level of exposure to equities. The currency risks in the funds are low and are hedged to a substantial extent.

Asset Allocation Funds & Real Estate Funds


Investor profile

Investment goal


Suisse 25

For the generally cautious investor who can tolerate a certain level of price fluctuation

To secure an attractive return

Suisse 25

Suisse 45

For the growth-oriented investor who sees price fluctuations as an opportunity

The best possible combination of return and capital gain

Suisse 45

Suisse 65

For the growth-oriented investor who has an appetite for risk and is primarily interested in equities

To generate capital growth

Suisse 65

The higher the equity component, the greater the level of fluctuation. Together we can find the right balance for you and define your personal investment strategy.