UBS Investment Fund Account: for the gradual accumulation of your wealth

The easiest way for you to accumulate wealth or to fulfill a dream is with an Investment Fund Account. You define your investment goal and the account currency – Swiss franc, euro or US dollar – when you open the account. Your client advisor will help you to determine your risk profile.

Based on this risk profile, you and your client advisor devise your investment strategy and select the fund which best corresponds to you and your goals. Even with only small amounts of money, an Investment Fund Account gives you access to the global financial markets and allows you to benefit from our investment expertise. You can access your funds whenever you need to.

These are the benefits of a UBS Investment Fund Account

Fund Account
  • Ease: The money you pay into your Investment Fund Account is automatically invested in the investment funds of your choice.
  • Cost average effect: The regular payment of a fixed amount increases your chance of a more favorable average cost price.
  • Diversification: You benefit from the broadly diversified risks of UBS investment funds.
  • Flexibility: You can pay into and make withdrawals from an Investment Fund Account at any time. You decide when and how much.
  • Return: UBS investment funds allow you to participate in the developments on the financial markets and to benefit from higher potential returns over the long term.

The ideal gift that grows over time

Your gift can lay the foundation for future wealth. Our young clients benefit from free account maintenance, an attractive preferential interest rate and a number of exciting extras.

Do you want to find out how you can accumulate wealth with a carefully devised investment strategy? Speak to your client advisor about your ideas and your goals. For more information, you can also have a look at our Investment Fund Account brochure (PDF, 99 KB).