Long-term asset growth How to lay the foundation for long-term wealth accumulation

It's your money which you are investing. This is why you decide how it should be invested. We recommend that you opt for a broadly diversified portfolio spread across a range of different asset classes, regions and currencies. This will provide you with the foundation for the long-term accumulation of your wealth.

Core investments: solid core

Asset classes such as equities, bonds and commercial paper form the foundation of every investment strategy. For a successful portfolio, choosing the right assets is just as important as finding the right mix. Diversification minimizes your risk and optimizes your potential returns. This is why we recommend our UBS Asset Allocation Funds as a sound, broadly diversified core investment.

Supplementary investments: a clear focus area

With UBS Equity Funds or UBS Bond Funds, you can supplement your portfolio with an emphasis on a particular goal and set up clear focus areas. This might include taking advantage of the trends on the financial markets, for example.

Speak to us about your goals and your strategy. Together we can find you the optimal mix of core investments and supplementary investments.