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Our calculators make assessing and optimizing your personal financial situation easier. We will be happy to help you in interpreting the results and implementing changes.

Calculate your retirement situation for yourself in a few easy steps

Tax savings with pillar 3a

How much tax could you save by making payments into a pillar 3 account. Try out a range of different options and calculate your tax savings.

Taxation of retirement capital

How much tax would you pay if you withdrew your retirement assets? Calculate online the amount of tax due on withdrawing your retirement capital. 

Wealth accumulation

Do you have a goal you’d like to save for? Find out how much you could accumulate if you regularly set money aside. 

Drawing on capital

How long will your savings last if you withdraw a fixed amount on a regular basis? Calculate your finances online. 

Comprehensive advice

Our retirement calculators will help you to evaluate your financial situation. And thanks to our specialist know-how, we can show you how to plan ahead for retirement and take the right decisions for the future. So you can enjoy a carefree retirement later on. 

Budget and Savings

Budget planner

Draw up a personal budget taking account of your household's size, tax burden and social security contributions.

Calculation of taxes and the marginal tax rate

Calculate your taxable income for cantonal and federal taxes, the total taxes due and your tax bracket. You can also calculate the total taxes due if your income should increase or decrease.

Pillar 2

Tax implications of transfer into a pension fund

Subject to certain legal restrictions, pension fund purchases are fully deductible from your taxable income. Let us show you just how much tax you can save by making one.

Real Estate

Tax implications of changing your place of residence

Compare what the tax burden would be in various municipalities.

Purchase or rental of property

The calculation shows how high the maximum purchase price of the property may be for the after-tax costs (mortgage rate, ancillary costs and maintenance, as well as any obligatory annual amortization) to be equal to the rent you currently pay. Now you can decide what kind of financing you prefer (the ratio of equity to first and second mortgage).

Mortgage calculator

By entering your equity and gross annual income into the mortgage calculator, you can find out whether or not you are currently able to afford your own home.