Solutions Customized and specific to your needs

Which retirement model? How much information do you wish to receive, and how detailed should this be? How can your portfolio management be optimized? We have the answer to all your questions – and the right solution for every need. We’ll help you make the most of the best opportunities. And also give you the benefit of our infrastructure and expertise for implementation.


Pension solutions

Autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds

Our integrated banking services for occupational pension plans will help you to achieve your goals.

Collective pension solutions

Every decision has its pros and cons. Our support will help you find the most effective and efficient solution for your needs.

Vested benefits

You’ll find exactly the right solution for every situation and requirement.

1e solutions

Our innovative and customized solutions for supplementary benefits mean that all parties benefit.


Custody account solutions

Custody account management

We offer secure and efficient administration of your securities.

Payment services

Benefit from liquidity of up to CHF 10 million for your daily transactions, with the UBS Current Account for Pension Funds.

UBS Asset Servicing

We deliver a wide range of infrastructure and reporting solutions for greater control over your investment capital – all from a single source.


Investment solutions

Investment fund solutions

Take advantage of the opportunities we can offer as the largest provider of investment funds in Switzerland and one of the leading fund houses in Europe.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Our ETFs offer numerous advantages, including availability in all major markets and asset classes, trading flexibility, cost efficiency and transparency.

Institutional funds

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of institutional funds, covering all types of asset classes, institutional shares in other UBS funds, and ETFs.

Investment foundations

UBS investment foundations (UBS ASTs) are tax-exempt institutions for the collective investment of assets held by Swiss pension funds. As a member of the Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations (KGAST), our investment foundations are monitored by the Supervisory Commission for Occupational Pensions (OAK BV) and offer the highest standards of quality.

Institutional mandates

Institutional mandates from UBS offer customized portfolio management through collective UBS investments, and include tax accounting.

Global Asset Management mandates

Benefit from our investment expertise tailored specifically to the needs of Swiss institutions. You define the guidelines while we handle day-to-day monitoring and optimization. At the same time, you retain full control over your long-term investment strategy.