Good for institutional investors: targeted advice and individual solutions

So you can concentrate on what matters: the UBS Asset Wizard

So you can concentrate on what matters: the UBS Asset Wizard

Targeted advice and tailored solutions

As an institutional investor, we will provide you with long-term investment advice. This includes advice on strategic and tactical asset allocation, recommendations on structuring your portfolio, as well as information on analyzing and measuring your portfolio’s performance and proposals for any necessary adjustments.

Skilled advice
Your needs together with your risk capacity and tolerance create the basis for our advice. Our advice is geared toward helping you pursue your goal of securing and optimizing the long-term performance of your portfolio.

Publications for institutional investors
In our publications for institutional investors you will find articles on current themes in business and the economy. The "Focus" publication explores a topic important to institutional investors in each edition. And with the "UBS Pension Fund Barometer", you receive a periodic update on the development of the performance of pension funds as well as an overview of returns according to investment class.

How can we help you?

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