Structured products More revenue potential for surplus liquidity

Structured products offer you a solution tailored precisely to the investment goals and needs of your company. We’d be happy to advise you on which structured products are best suited to your individual situation and requirements.

Investing capital in structured products

The benefits of UBS DOCU and BLOC

  • Attractive investments in sideways-trending markets
  • An optimized risk-return profile through setting an appropriate strike (DOCU) or cap level (BLOC)
  • Tailored investment solutions from as little as USD 50,000 or the equivalent
  • High flexibility in the choice of the underlying, yield, and term (one week to a maximum of one year)

Solutions tailored to your individual needs

UBS DOCU: Forex investments for optimizing returns

UBS DOCUs (Double Currency Units) offer interesting alternatives to shares and cash positions. The return potential is greater than with a fixed-term deposit. You can benefit from sideways movement in the underlying foreign currency. The higher interest earned compared with a fixed-term deposit compensates for the risk of receiving an alternative currency when the investment is paid out.

UBS BLOC: More return from sideways trends

With a UBS BLOC (discount certificate) you indirectly acquire an underlying asset at a discount. In return, you participate in any price increase in the underlying, but only up to a defined maximum price level. At maturity, you receive either the underlying asset or cash.

Invest in structured products

UBS DOCUs and BLOCs each have specific advantages, properties and risks. That’s why we recommend an individual consultation. We would be happy to give you detailed information and find a suitable solution using structured products for you.

CIO Research

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