Fixed-term deposit Money market and fiduciary investments for businesses

Whether a fixed-term deposit or fiduciary investment: we offer a wide range of money market and fiduciary products so you can find exactly the right investment solution for your excess liquidity. This means a solution that best meets your corporate goals and needs, while you benefit from interest at a market rate.

Investing in the money market and fiduciaries

Our tried-and-tested money market and fiduciary investments


Fixed-term deposit

Fixed fiduciary investment

Investment amount

From CHF 50,000 or equivalent (depending on the term)

From CHF 100,000 or equivalent

Recommended term

3 - 6 months

3 - 6 months


In most currencies
(on request)

In common currencies
(CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, others on request)


On request
(fixed interest rate based on term and currency)

On request
(fixed interest rate based on term and currency)


UBS Switzerland AG

UBS AG, Jersey Branch or third-party bank

Invest in a money market or fiduciary solution

Each of our money market and fiduciary investment offers has specific advantages, conditions and risks. We would be happy to give you detailed information and help you to choose your best solution.

CIO Research

In the quarterly publication UBS Outlook Switzerland you can find current forecasts and analyses by our experts on the economy, financial markets, industry sectors and real estate.

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