Savings account For businesses - Invest your excess liquidity

The UBS Business Savings Account offers you a solution for investing your surplus liquidity - with no minimum amount. The business savings account is also an optimal way to supplement your current account: All it takes is a simple account transfer and your company can benefit from preferential interest rates right away (currently only in CHF).

The benefits of a Business Savings Account

  • Free account opening and account maintenance
  • A simple way to invest surplus liquidity
  • Your choice of termination notice periods for optimal liquidity planning:

Business Savings Account at a glance




Current interest rates and interest payment limits


Account opening and account maintenance free of charge;
Further details in the Factsheet


No minimum or maximum amount: preferential interest rates on up to CHF/EUR 1 million

Withdrawal options

Limited to CHF/EUR 50,000 per calendar year. Depending on the account, notice of one or three months is required for the withdrawal of larger amounts.

Choice of termination notice periods

1 month or 3 months


Only one account is allowed per client, currency, and selected termination notice period.
The UBS Business Savings Account can only be used for incoming payments and account transfers within the same client number.

Open a Business Savings Account

Is your company already a UBS client? Your client advisor will be pleased to help you open a savings account. We will also be happy to advise new clients. Please contact us.

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