International Business Seizing opportunities with a strong partner at your side

If you do business across borders, you'll want to seize opportunities and at the same time, take on some risks. It’s good to have a strong partner you can count on for financial matters. UBS will support your company with all your international activities.

Processing international transactions efficiently, financing and hedging risks

Hedging currency risks

If you do business across borders, you’ll often be confronted by currency fluctuations, for example if you can’t invoice for your goods or services in Swiss francs, or if you pay for your imports in a foreign currency.

Payments and services hedging and financing

Our Trade & Export Finance services let you hedge your goods or services and payments on a targeted way, and finance your international transactions over the short, medium, or long term. You limit your risks and create more financial room for maneuver.

Financing for investment and working capital

Equity capital forms the basis of your business activities, but is often not enough on its own. Give yourself more financial room to maneuver, for example, to pay suppliers, or to pre-finance business development, or even to help with your investment plans.

Currencies, cash management and payment services

When you do business with partners in another country, you need to be especially sure that your payments will be made reliably, rapidly and easily.

Documentation and information on countries, currencies and business practices

Good information is a must for any business activity. For international business, it’s particularly vital to have the right channels or a strong partner to give you the in-depth information and advice you need.

For your business abroad

As an internationally active business with subsidiaries abroad, you need support on the ground. We’ll support you with a broad range of products and services – in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Switzerland is an attractive location for foreign companies

Are you looking for a central location for your business activities in Europe? With its strong economy, excellent infrastructure and highly skilled workforce, Switzerland offers an ideal framework. We'd be happy to help you take this important step. Call on the expertise of Switzerland's largest and strongest universal bank when you set up your business.

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Overdraft facility or leasing

Please note: Advice from UBS as your corporate finance partner does not cover either legal or tax law aspects. We advise you to always consult your tax or legal advisor.

Foreign trade brochure

This brochure gives you an overview of what we offer companies doing business abroad.

UBS outlook – foreign trade

Innovation, increased productivity, new markets – the reactions of Swiss exporters to the strength of the Swiss franc and the sluggish economy have been many and varied. But what are your opportunities, risks and prospects as an exporter?

"Fit fürs Ausland" (German)

"Fit fürs Ausland" is a guide that gives decision-makers at SMEs valuable tips on how to do business successfully outside Switzerland.