Business succession It's worth thinking early about what comes later

Making a succession plan for your own company is one of the most important, and at the same time most demanding strategic duties you have to perform as a business owner. The earlier you start planning, the better. For most entrepreneurs, succession planning is a one-off and usually emotionally challenging task. We will steer you through this challenge and help you find and implement the best possible solution.

Help for every step of the way

At each stage of the process of passing on your company, we will assist you with services for both business and personal needs. You can mandate us to take care of individual steps or the entire process.

Phases of business succession

Key considerations before passing on your company

The earlier you tackle the issue of business succession, the more room you’ll have for maneuver, and the better the solution will be. You should answer a number of fundamental questions as early as possible:

  • What is my current situation?
  • Do I want to hand over leadership, or ownership? Or both?
  • What would happen to my company in an emergency?
  • When and which specialists do I need for what topics?
  • Which stakeholders are particularly affected and need to be included?
  • What about the statutory/legal framework?
  • How will this affect my personal (family) situation as an entrepreneur?

You can use the answers to these questions to check and evaluate potential succession options for your company. The following choices are open to you:

  • Succession within the family
  • Hand-over to the existing or an external management team (MBO, MBI)
  • Sale to a third party
  • Cessation of business activities, controlled liquidation


How we can support you with business succession

As part of our succession advisory services, we can give you a checklist (PDF, 51 KB) to help you examine the issues involved

Company valuation

Comprehensive valuation expertise (PDF, 62 KB) for your strategic and operational decisions. Our company valuation specialists will be happy to advise you on all important valuation matters.


Your benefits

  • Comprehensive and impartial assessment of your situation and potential solutions
  • Advice and expertise on all aspects of business succession from a partner with many years of experience in succession processes
  • A single point of contact who coordinates all internal and external specialists
  • Access to our global infrastructure and vast network of contacts for potential buyers
  • Considerable time-savings
  • Support with private wealth management and tax and retirement planning

Key considerations when passing on your company

When your company is being passed on within the family

  • Is the company ready for the succession?
  • Has the successor been identified and familiarized with the work involved, and have steps been taken for the actual handover?
  • Have all unresolved issues relating to the succession been taken care of within the executive management?
  • Have all the aspects relating to company law been checked?
  • Have internal and external communication measures been planned and initiated?

When handing over to existing or external management teams, or in the case of a sale to previously uninvolved parties

  • Has the buyer been clearly identified?
  • Has the company valuation been carried out correctly?
  • Who is leading the negotiations?
  • How is the sale being managed?
  • Does the buyer need financing support?


How we can support you when external successors take over your company

If your company is being handed over to external successors, we can provide you with comprehensive support. For example

  • Defining a sales and negotiation concept
  • Drawing up professional sales documentation
  • Systematically searching for buyers (nationally and internationally)
  • Contacting potential buyers and analyzing offers
  • Supporting and coordinating due diligence
  • Advising on and providing support for sales negotiations through to contract execution and implementation
  • Handling the payment of the purchase price (including escrow services)

Your benefits

  • You work with a partner with many years of experience in succession processes
  • You receive a comprehensive and impartial assessment of your situation and potential solutions
  • You have a single point of contact who coordinates all internal and external specialists
  • You find the best possible buyer for your company thanks to a systematic search that makes use of our global infrastructure and vast network of contacts
  • You save time and can concentrate on running your company
  • You receive support for your private wealth management issues as well as tax and retirement planning from experts who specialize in the needs of entrepreneurs

Key considerations once succession has taken place

After the succession, the entrepreneur is in a completely new situation, and it’s important to clarify

  • Questions concerning tax, inheritance and matrimonial property law
  • Pension planning and retirement issues for the entrepreneur
  • How to ensure the long-term preservation of family wealth


How we can support you after your company has been passed on

Advice relating to tax, inheritance, and matrimonial property law: The transfer of your company puts you in a new situation in terms of assets. We will be happy to show you how returns after tax can be improved over the long term. The aim is to structure your wealth optimally from a tax perspective in accordance with the legal requirements. Depending on your family situation, the transfer of the company may give rise to a completely new situation where existing arrangements have to be revised.

Individual asset, investment, and pension advice: Our specialists will analyze your financial situation and formulate an investment strategy specifically tailored to your needs. The objective is to safeguard and optimize your assets so that you can enjoy the same standard of living and realize your plans.

Contact our succession specialists

We are a partner whose reliability and discretion you can rely on. Once we understand your values and plans, we’ll discuss your ownership strategy with you. We’ll look at the situation with fresh eyes, point out possible solutions, advise you on selecting the best option, and support you with implementation.

Please note: Advice from UBS does not cover either legal or tax law aspects. We advise you to always consult your tax or legal advisor.

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