Trade Finance Access Faster and easier – one single tool for all your trade financing needs 

UBS Trade Finance Access is an interface in UBS e-banking. End-to-end electronic data transfer simplifies the process for opening and administering documentary credits, documentary collections and bank guarantees.

Trade Finance Access

Manage the entire range of your trade finance transactions with one single tool? That’s precisely what UBS Trade Finance Access offers. You don't need to install any additional software – we activate an interface for you in UBS e-banking, and by doing so provide you with unimpeded access to our trade finance platform.

The easy-to-use interface has control mechanisms in place that ensure you avoid making any input errors. What's more, you save time because you can call up master data and information you have already entered at any time - and with little effort you can also adjust and reuse the content of transactions that have already been executed. In addition, you more easily keep track of your transactions as you open and manage all your trade finance transactions using a single tool.

Trade Finance Access also has simple rules for user rights, helps you keep track of your deadlines and provides you with comprehensive reporting options – for example, by transaction type, amount, country or currency. In this way you retain an overview of your transactions at all times.

Your benefits

  • Flexible issuing of orders even outside business hours
  • Faster processes by eliminating the need to send items by mail
  • Fewer sources of error
  • One tool for all your trade finance needs
  • Clear instructions with intuitive operation
  • Access to templates
  • Simple reuse of the content of previous transactions
  • Rules on access rights according to your employees' decision-making authority
  • Deadlines under control
  • Comprehensive reporting options

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