UBS Supply Chain Finance Increase your financial flexibility

With UBS Supply Chain Finance you as a buyer can agree long payment terms – and allow your suppliers to collect payment on outstanding invoices before the payment deadline. As a result, you provide your suppliers with a financing solution on attractive terms. All transactions can be carried out independently and online, according to your requirements.

  • Suppliers have access to upfront financing
  • Financial stabilization in the supply chain and sustainable strengthening of business relationships
  • Improved DPO ratio (days payable outstanding)
  • Optimal use of excess liquidity
  • Easier to negotiate consistent agreements with suppliers
  • Access to more and cheaper capital (regardless of existing banking relationships)
  • Guaranteed liquidity with free choice of timing of early payments
  • Improved DSO ratio (days sales outstanding) and lower debtor risk
  • No additional operating expense
Supply Chain Finance

Key points in brief


CHF and all major currencies

Discount rate

LIBOR 90 days + spread (on request)

Buyer credit commission

On request

Seller credit commission

On request




Can be terminated by either party at any time


  • The buyer must be an operating company domiciled in Switzerland and entered in the commercial register, with an existing business relationship with UBS.
  • The buyer must have ten or more suppliers.
  • Payment terms must be between 30 and 120 days.
  • There must be an average of four or more transactions per supplier, per year.
  • Suppliers must be based in a country with no restrictions on financing or payments.
  • Suppliers will be assessed individually and must be accepted by UBS.
  • No direct client relationship between the supplier and UBS is necessary, but this is possible.

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