UBS Purchase Flex Sell and manage receivables off balance sheet

With UBS Purchase Flex you sell your receivables to UBS. You receive your money for the work you have done immediately, not when the customers pay their invoices. And if your auditor agrees, you can keep the receivables sold off your balance sheet.

Your benefits

  • A direct liquidity boost calculated on the basis of receivables insured
  • Optimization of financial ratios: improved financing from own resources by reducing the balance sheet
  • Strengthens your position in rebate and discount negotiations with suppliers

Key points in brief


In CHF and all main foreign currencies

Interest rate

On request

Credit commission

On request

Factoring commission

Individual processing commission plus any fees and expenses




Can be terminated by either party at any time


  • Average accounts receivables of over CHF 10 million
  • Receivables covered by credit insurance
  • Debtor management with systematic reminders

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